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Name:hope estheim

( imgs: chocobopersona @ tumblr )

Interests (56):

being caius' ass-angel, being the biggest nerd ever, bitching at snow, blood red spheres, bright neon yellow, bright pink chocobos, building fal'cie, building the world, but why...?, changing history, commanding armies, dat ass, driving serah nuts with machines, dude what did you do, event horizons, existing multiple times, find me in sazh's afro, fixing caius' messes, fuck you i'm fucking a dragon, fuzzy pink snuggies, get off my dick alyssa, go!, god estheim, gravitational fields, having a round ass, i miss you mom :(, kupo!, levitating giant objects, light-up ties, making caius wet himself, martyring my life away, missing vanille's smile, mope estheim, motivational speaking, n o p e, never sleeping, noel's graviton core, not banging lightning kthx, not being assassinated, please stop touching me, pope estheim, prada, pretending to be frigid, research finally bearing fruit, ruling the world, running like a moron, sad puppy faces, sazh and his boy, shitty quiz games, snow's heroic load, studying, uncorrupted images, vanille's space-time anomaly, violet-hued dragonballs, we can catch him!!!, welcome to the future you saved!
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